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TCRSF SRC - Scientific Review Committee

TCRSF's SRC (Scientific Review Committee) is available to answer your questions for this and next year's projects. If you have rules questions or want clarification, send your questions with the student’s name and grade in school via email to src@tcrsf.net. If you have rules or forms questions pertaining to a specific project, please also include the complete research plan in the email.

Most proposed research projects involving vertebrate animals and/or potentially hazardous biological agents must be reviewed and approved BEFORE experimentation. Regional SRC prior review is not required for human studies previously reviewed and approved by a properly constituted IRB

If your school does not have a science fair, or if you are home schooled, you may contact us directly for assistance. If you have questions on approval of your project before you start, or if your school does NOT do science fair and therefore does not have an IRB, please send your name, email address, grade (6-8 or 9-12), school, and your complete research plan to src@tcrsf.net before you start your experiment.

The Scientific Review Committee (SRC) examines projects for the following:

  1. evidence of proper supervision
  2. use of accepted and appropriate research techniques
  3. completed forms, signatures and dates showing maximum of one year duration of research and appropriate preapproval dates (where required)
  4. evidence of search for alternatives to animal use
  5. humane treatment of animals
  6. compliance with rules and laws governing human and/or animal research and research involving potentially hazardous biological agents
  7. documentation of substantial expansion for continuation projects
  8. compliance with the ISEF ethics statement

Further details on the SRC can be found on the Society for Science website Roles and Responsibilities of Students and Adults

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