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TCRSF Judging Criteria

Criteria for being a volunteer: Any adult who enjoys kids, or science, or volunteering with a fun group of people may help! See the Volunteers pages for more information.

Criteria for being a judge for projects and/or research papers:

To judge high school:  minimum of at least a bachelor’s degree in a science field or 5 or more years of work experience in science or engineering.
To judge middle school:  we prefer the same minimum as above for high school, but will accept some upper division college undergraduate students in a science or technology field for middle school only.
No parents or teachers may judge in the division (middle school or high school) in which they have students competing. If you have students in both, please consider volunteering for another position. We still need your help and there are many jobs that you could do!

Judge score sheets (grading rubrics) are provided below for your information. We provide the score sheets at the fair for the judges. Students: review these score sheets in advance to know the grading standard!

     Judge Score Sheet
     Research Paper Score Sheet

If the student’s research paper advances to the next level, they will present their project symposium style (see the bottom of the Forms and Rules tab – Research Paper page) and will be scored on their oral presentation as well as their paper.

    For state or JSHS: Research Paper Oral Presentation Score Sheet

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