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TCRSF Rules Summary

The Twin Cities Regional Science Fairs (TCRSF) are affiliated with the Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair (MSSEF), a program of the Minnesota Academy of Science (MAS), and the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), a program of the Society for Science and the Public (SSP).

TCRSF affiliates its research paper competition with the MAS’s programs:
    Middle School Research Papers:    Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair / research paper competition.
    High School Research Papers:    North Central Regional Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (also known as JSHS or “Tri-State” Symposium - for Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota).

Therefore, our fairs must use the forms compliant with the international rules for pre-collegiate science research and science fair competition. These forms are used for high school students at all levels of competition, from school and local fairs to regional, state, and international competitions. Although the ISEF forms are required only for the project and not for the research paper, the same safety standards are expected of both.

The research plan and abstract are also required for all projects. All projects (including middle school projects) that use human subjects, vertebrate animals, human or animal tissues, potentially hazardous biological agents (blood, tissues, body fluids, cultures, bacteria, mold, fungus, virus, slime molds, and so on), power equipment, or other hazards, or those who do some or all of their project at an industrial setting or a regulated research lab including at a hospital, clinic, college, tech school, university, or other research facility, must use the required additional forms for that type of project.

In addition to our Forms page and our Rules page, you may want to look at SSP's Rules for All Projects.

Historical note: Society for Science and the Public was formerly known as Science Services and SSP continues to publish Science News (see Students/Links page).

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