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TCRSF Judge Summary

Research paper judging is totally online at your leisure from February 5-16, 2021. Research paper judges will be able to preview abstracts and research papers before deciding which ones they want to judge. To judge research papers, please login or register at https://www.tcrsf.net. Click on Judges tab and pull down to Register or Login.

Project judging will be on the site (https://tcrsf.zfairs.com). If you can do both projects and research papers, please sign up on both sites. If you already registered for project judging on tcrsf.net, you will need to re-register on this site.

There are 2 rounds of project judging:

  1. The first round is virtual only judging. This is from February 19 to 24, at your leisure. The judges see the student's abstract and paperwork. There is a video of the student explaining their project and other information. This is scored and saved as a scoring round. There are no direct interactions with the students for this round. This round is the recommended time for special awards judging to review all the projects for their awards.
  2. The goal of the second round is to have judges and students meet online (like zoom but through this web site) for scheduled interviews. It is instead of the face to face judging that would happen in an in-person fair. This will be on the late afternoon and evening of February 26th, likely starting around 4:00 PM. The exact time will be determined a week before the fair. Since the judges have already reviewed the project presentations and materials in round 1, this will be primarily be a question and answer session.

We need judges to judge both within their expertise and educated judges to judge outside their field of expertise so that the students will have to clearly present their projects to scientists who may not know the jargon of the project. We ask that high school project judges please have at least a bachelor’s degree in a science field or 5 or more years of work experience in science/engineering. Upper division college undergraduate students in a science/technology field sign up to judge only middle school projects/papers. We will provide a judging schedule for February 26.

Judge Registration Questions? Contact us at Judging@tcrsf.net. Phone support is also available: Timara Underbakke 763-577-1400 (hours vary but you can leave a message).

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