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TCRSF Links (Competitions, Methodology, & Sources)


This page contains links for science methodology (how to do...), links to additional competitions, links to sites for science fair ideas, and links to some science magazines (which can be useful in sparking ideas). If you have suggestions for additional links, please email them to webmaster@tcrsf.net

With the announcement of Regeneron as the title sponsor for ISEF, the societyforscience web site has been dramatically changed. Many of the TCRSF links to their site must be updated to their new locations. This is an ongoing process. TCRSF apologizes for the temporary inconvenience.

Science Methodology:

Science Fairs:

High School Competitions:

Additional Competitions (Both Middle School & High School):

Middle School Competitions:

Science Project Ideas: (also see science magazine links below) NOTE: Do not repeat other's research, but use it to come up with or "spark" a new idea or a new approach to a problem!

Science Magazine Links:

The Electronic Library for Minnesota offers science resources at your fingertips!

article submitted by Elizabeth Staats fried004@umn.edu, UofM Assistant Librarian

ELM, also known as the Electronic Library for Minnesota, gives Minnesota residents online access to magazine, journal, newspaper, and encyclopedia articles, eBooks (online books), and other information resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at http://www.elm4you.org. Whatever your interests and information needs, ELM provides access to content on a vast array of topics, including current events, science, social science, health, politics, business, consumer information, arts and humanities, and more.

ELM includes two databases specific to the sciences, Science Reference Center and General Science Collection but offers several additional databases that include science and STEM-related content at http://www.elm4you.org/databases/content/stem.

Science Reference Center provides easy access to a multitude of full-text science-oriented content. Designed to meet every student's science research needs, Science Reference Center contains full text for hundreds of science encyclopedias, reference books, magazines and other sources as well as including an image and video collection. Topics covered include biology, chemistry, earth & space science, environmental science, health & medicine, history of science, life science, physics, science & society, science as inquiry, scientists, technology, wildlife, and it includes over 1,400 science experiments! Science Reference Center also satisfies the demand for standards-based content by providing teachers and librarians with articles correlated to state and national curriculum standards.

General Science Collection offers in-depth information for scientific research including nearly 300 predominantly full-text academic journals and general science focused magazines. It covers scientific topics from particle physics to quantum theory to biotechnology and includes well-known titles like Scientific American, Archeology, Physics Today, Info Today, Mathematics Magazine and many more.

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