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TCRSF 2022 Fair Overview
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The 2022 Twin Cities Regional Science Fairs will be virtual.

Given the large increase of COVID cases in Minnesota, we cannot see any way to have a safe in-person fair this year.

One more virtual fair will be safer for the students, teachers, judges, and volunteers.

The research paper competition will remain virtual.

The URL for the project and paper registration is - https://tcrsf.zfairs.com.


This page covers the help and examples for managing the registration site. This page is being updated with help and examples, and is not complete yet. The summary of topics on this page is:

  1. Research Paper Information and Requirements
  2. Project Information and Requirements
  3. Student Instructions, Help, and Examples
  4. Judge Instructions
  5. Schedule and Other Fair Information

Team Registration

  1. At this point there are some complications with the standard procedures to link teams together. We recommend you create each student as their own individual project. The projects or papers will be identical between the team members.
  2. Then please email director@tcrsf.net with the student team names and we will link them for you.

Quick Notes

  1. Registration fee for project competition is $25 per student.
  2. Registration fee for research paper competition is $20 per student.
  3. Registration fees should be mailed to TCRSF, 13570 Grove Drive #277, Maple Grove, MN 55311


  1. The software defines a project or paper as an entry. It can be a project entry or a paper entry.
  2. During registration, some of the screens use the term "project" instead of the term "entry". When registering a research paper, it may ask for project title, project category, etc.
  3. Each student may have 2 total entries, one for a science project and one for a research paper.

Research Paper Information and Requirements

  1. The Research Paper Competition requires a Research Paper, Research Paper Abstract, and a Liability Release Form.
  2. Your profile picture will be shown to the research paper judges. You may also upload your profile picture as the first additional file in the research paper entry. This will give it a picture in the showcase. No other items apply to research paper competitions. Any other videos or pictures should not be entered, and we will ask you to delete them before judging.
  3. These items are not entered during registration. They are entered as paperwork using the paperwork menu after logging in.
  4. The online judges are from various academic backgrounds and universities. They are generally not local but from around the country, and even some from other countries.

Project Information and Requirements

  1. Blank fillable forms and research plan templates can be found at our registration site at https://tcrsf.zfairs.com and click on the 'Fair' menu item then select the 'ISEF Forms' sub menu item.
  2. Note: The abstract is entered twice for the project. 1.) In registration the abstract text is entered or added at a later time. This is used by the online judges. 2.) There is an ISEF abstract form. Be sure when entering or changing the abstract, that you change both locations (in registration and the ISEF form).
  3. Project Requirements - A virtual fair is quite a different experience from an "in person" fair. This page describes the required pictures, documents, and videos for competing in a Virtual Fair. The requirements are designed to mimic the requirements of the Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair (MSSEF).
  4. TCRSF Rules Regarding Dates on Forms - The requirements for dates on TCRSF forms can be confusing. It is often the date of approval, not the date the form was signed. This link - TCRSF Rules Regarding Dates on Forms - provides clarification on the issue.

Student Instructions, Help, and Examples

  1. Student Registration - Instruction and example screens for the student registration process.
  2. Student SRC Management - Instruction and example screens for the student(s) to manage their project SRC paperwork.

Judge Instructions

  1. Judging Registration Information - Judge registration information.
  2. Judging Information - Judge reference information and instructions.

Schedule and Other Fair Information

  1. Calendar Deadlines - Schedules and calendar deadlines.
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