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Student Registration Management

Student SRC Management


The student SRC paperwork management section is available from the student login page by clicking on the "Paperwork" menu.


The status of each paperwork file is represented by the icon used for the file. There are 5 different file status as shown by the legend below.


The screen below is a sample of a student paperwork display. Notice that the required files are clearly identified. Any other file is not required and does not need to be managed.


The other status is shown below - "file pending review". It is the Research Plan file. Their may be internal comments attached but those comments are for the SRC review committee. They may not directly apply to the student.


After clicking on a file, the below dialog appears. If the file had not been uploaded, there would be an option to download a blank form. In this case the file as been uploaded. The Judge Comments indicate that the student or the teacher needs to take some action on this form. When the form has been fixed, a new form can be uploaded by clicking the Browse hotlink. This will change the status to "new file, needs review".

If there are questions regarding the status, an email can be sent to src@tcrsf.net for clarification.


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