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Student Registration

Student Registration

Student Registration Summary

Student Registration Details With Screen Shots

Select the Create Account menu item and select Student


Enter the student first name, last name, and email address. Click on "I am not a robot" and follow the instructions. Click on Next. At this point, the student will get an email indicating your registration is not completed. Complete this process and ignore that email.


Select register as a student.


Enter the first page of student information. You may enter the profile picture at a later date. Clock Save & Continue.


Select your school, teacher, and grade. If your school is not in the list, Contact Us. You will have to exit registration until this is resolved. You may continue your registration from this point at a later date.


The next step is for entering project information. There is a button for linking students who registered separately but really are a team on a single project. TCRSF discourages using that button as it can lead to some registration complications. If two students registered separately but really are a team, contact TCRSF and we will create the proper linkage. The proper way to register a team is for the team leader to register first. Be sure to click the "Will this be a Team Project?" check box. Further instructions on team registration will be presented where appropriate for registration.

The "Entry Video URL" is the for 10 minute judging video. This can be added at a later time. It must be a URL to the video, not the actual video file. The Project Images can be added at a later time.

The abstract can be updated at a later time. The abstract text is for the judges to have a list of all projects and abstracts. There is an ISEF abstract form as well that will be uploaded later. Be sure both places (here is registration and the ISEF Abstract Form) have the latest abstract information.


The bottom 1/2 of this screen is the ISEF Forms Questionaire. The registration system uses this information to determine the default forms required for this project. Click Save & Continue.


The next screen provides a way to enter the URL for the 2 minute optional video. This can be entered at a later time. Click Save & Continue.


A verification screen with the summary information is provided. The "Consider this project for ISEF" checkbox does not matter. All High School projects are considered for ISEF. Click either "My Information is Correct" or "Edit".


A Permissions and Waivers screen is presented. The student must check the appropriate boxes to continue.


The registration is completed and a confirmation page is presented. An email with a registration confirmation is sent to the student.


If this is a team project, a URL will be presented for all additional team members to use for registration. This URL is also included in the registration confirmation email. That allows the team leader to forward that information to the team members.


Sample email with the team registration URL




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