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Teacher - Student Registration Management

Teacher - Student Registration Management


Teacher - Student Registration Management Summary


Teacher - Student Registration Management Details With Screen Shots


From the home screen presented to the teachers after logging in, select the "My Students" menu.


A list of all students registered to the teacher will be displayed.


Click on any student and a menu for managing the student pops up. Do not use the Upload File, Link to project, or unlink from project buttons. A discussion about these controls is available under the summary instructions section.


Select the top menu item "Edit / View Participant". This opens a display of the student registration information. The student registration information is on 4 tabs. Note, on the first tab there is a field called "Entry Video URL". This is the link to the 10 minute judging video.


The bottom of the screen has two buttons, "Save" and "Close / Done".


One tab is labeled "ISEF Wizard". This was used to initially determine what forms the project required. That was a one time use. Changing these values now will have no effect on the forms required for the project. Use the Teacher - Student SRC Management option to change the required forms.



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