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Student Registration
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Student Registration

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Student Project or Paper Registration Details With Screen Shots

  1. Select the Create Account menu item and select Student
  2. Enter the student first name, last name, and email address. Click on "I am not a robot" and follow the instructions. If the robot question is not present, just continue. Click on Next.
    At this point, the student will get an email indicating your registration is not completed. Complete this process and ignore that email.
  3. Enter the first page of student information. You may enter the profile picture at a later date The profile picture is seen by the judges, but does not show up in the showcase. Click Save & Continue.
  4. There are 2 additional questions - the second question regarding judging does not apply if the student is doing only a research paper.
  5. Select start text from the entry type you wish to register - Research Paper or Science Project. If you are registring both, just select one. The other one is added later in registration.
    There is a button for linking students who registered separately but really are a team on a single project or paper.
  6. This screen is presented whether the student selected Project or Research Paper.
    Select your school, teacher, and grade. If your school is not in the list, Contact Us. You will have to exit registration until this is resolved. You may continue your registration from this point at a later date.
  7. Enter the appropriate information for this project or paper registration.
    Do not select "Team Project" unless this is the first registration of that team and this is the team leader.
    The vidio URLs only apply to science projects. If this is a research paper do not enter anything for the videos.
    For research papers, pick a category starting with the word "Paper:". For science projects pick a category that does not start with the word "Paper:".
  8. This screen is only presented when the student selected Science Project.
    The ISEF questionaire is used to help determine what ISEF forms will be required for this project. Please answer every question with a Yes or No.
  9. A Permissions and Waivers screen is presented. The student must check the appropriate boxes to continue.
  10. The invoice is presented.
  11. By picking "Pay & Continue" the payment choices are presented. Select the payment method for this project and click on "I agree & continue" to agree to pay for the project or research paper entry.
  12. The final account information is displayed.
  13. By clicking on any top menu, the student is automatically logged in. If the student comes back later, the student may login in using the login button in the upper right.
    When the student is logged in, they can go back and change their registration materials by clicking on their name and the on the My Profile sub-menu item.
  14. They will be presented with multiple tabs to view their registration.
  15. By clicking on the entry tab, the following screen is displayed. Shown is the already registered project. Select the project to modify it, or select Research Paper to start a new research paper entry. If starting a new entry, continue the registration process that continues back at step 6.

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